Public Affairs.

EOS is a byword for reputable receivables management. This means that we act with a high degree of sensitivity and a considerable sense of responsibility. Our job is to minimise payment defaults and secure liquidity. By doing so we are making a small but nonetheless important contribution to the functioning of the German economy.

Our Mission.

Policy-makers and society rightly expect companies to contribute their specialist expertise to current political and social debates. As a market leader, and especially as a member of the Otto Group, this is in any case part of our corporate philosophy. We liaise with government and cultivate contacts with consumer protection organisations and associations. We make our long-standing experience in receivables management available in hearings, consultations and expert discussions – and we always do so in a spirit of transparency and openness.

What else matters to us.

The debt collection sector does not enjoy the best reputation. We aim to change that in collaboration with the German Association of Debt Collection Companies (BDIU) and its European counterpart, the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA). We are committed to conveying a realistic picture of debt collection: fair, friendly, transparent – and absolutely essential in the business environment. In the spring of 2017, therefore, we were the first debt collection company to disseminate a campaign in social media designed to show "What debt collection is really like".

The member firms of the German Association of Debt Collection Companies are developing a binding Code of Conduct for the debt collection sector. Why EOS supports this: press release from 18 April 2019

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