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Receivables purchasing – EOS is your specialist for the purchase of outstanding receivables.

Liquidity not risk.

From time to time, every company comes across customers that don’t pay their bills, despite successful credit checks and payment reminders. By selling your outstanding receivables to us you can ensure immediate liquidity for your company and free up resources for your core business. You minimize your default risk and reduce your receivables management workload.
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You would like to sell receivables?

EOS stands for many years of experience and fair purchase prices. Simply make an appointment for a consultation. Our experts will take care of everything else.
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Our solution for the purchase of your receivables.

Purchase of receivables at fair prices.

If you have decided to sell your overdue receivables, we are your partner. We buy any type of receivable from almost any industry - and at a fair price. Simply make an appointment. We will take care of everything else!
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EOS – your specialist for receivables management.

We have more than 50 years of experience in receivables management. We are technology-driven, reliable and transparent. We work with accomplished experts who use cutting-edge data analysis tools to determine the fair value of your overdue invoices. We guarantee strictly professional processing and personalized advice.

All the information you need on the sale of receivables.

What does the sale of receivables involve?

Learn here how the sale of receivables works and what different kinds of receivables there are.
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Benefits of selling receivables.

Planning reliability and more time for your core business. Selling your receivables offers your company a lot of benefits.
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Sell your receivables completely free of charge.

It costs nothing to sell your receivables to EOS. All that matters is the purchase price. Read here how it is calculated.
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Non-performing loans – how to regain liquidity from bad loans.

Non-performing loans (NPLs) are a burden on a bank’s balance sheet. It therefore makes sense to sell them.
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Sell receivables on an ongoing basis with forward flow.

Is your company plagued by a lot of payment defaults? Forward flow agreements allow you to permanently minimize your outstanding receivables.
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The legal aspects of selling receivables.

From assignment agreement to lack of recourse: All you need to know about the legal aspects of selling receivables.
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The sale of receivables as part of liquidity management.

An intact receivables management system enables companies to ensure important liquidity, for example through the sale of receivables.
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No sales tax applies on your sale of receivables.

As the seller, you are not liable for sales tax when you sell your receivables. The buyer, on the other hand, is subject to different rules. Read on for an overview.
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