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Die EOS Group bietet neben dem Forderungsmanagement weitere Dienstleistungen an. Wir kombinieren die Erfahrung unserer Inkassospezialisten mit digitalen Technologien um so effezient arbeiten zu können. Mit uns sparen Sie Zeit und Geld.

Our receivables management services.

Our win-win solutions.

Do you need help with receivables management? Whether you operate in the B2C or B2B segment, you’ll find the right services for your company at EOS. As a fiduciary debt collector we have been recovering outstanding debts for more than 50 years, and as a financial investor we purchase your receivables at a fair price. We can also help you with a lot of other receivables management services. Our approach is reputable, technology-based, international, and tailored to your business.

Receivables management services.

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Receivables purchasing

Is your company struggling with outstanding receivables? Selling your debt portfolios to EOS allows you to reliably plan your liquidity management.
Learn more about the sale of receivables
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Field service

Whether we are dealing with the recovery of home loan arrears, or property seizures or assessments, we get in touch with your customers personally. In doing so we conduct ourselves professionally without harming your reputation.
Find out more about field services
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Telephone services

We specialize in standard phone dunning and telephone collections. We also process the disputed claims and complaints of your debtors.
Find out more about telephone services
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Real estate

EOS Immobilienworkout is your specialist in dealing with real estate. Sell your real estate secured receivables packages to us and gain time and human resources for your core business.
Find out more about EOS Real Estate Workout

EOS – your partner for receivables management

years of experience in receivables management.

over 50

daily reporting in our online portals.


countries - worldwide collection services.


Efficient receivables management thanks to technology.

System integration

The “order-to-cash” principle

“Order-to-cash” (OTC) describes the end-to-end process from the order through to the payment of goods or services. Whether your company is a supplier or the recipient of a service, a well organized debtor and creditor management system will help you ensure that your money is always in the right place at the right time. The services provided by our subsidiary FinTecrity ensure a smooth “order-to-cash” process in your company and reduce your payment defaults.
Learn more about FinTecrity.

Interested? Then please contact us.

If you need help with your receivables management, look no further. Contact us to arrange a personal consultation. Our experts will find the best solution for your company.
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