Sell your outstanding receivables to EOS.

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Quick and easy.

Outstanding receivables are a burden on your company’s balance sheet and tie up personnel resources. EOS specializes in the purchase of non-performing receivables. By selling outstanding customer receivables and non-performing loans (NPLs) to us as debt packages, you ensure immediate liquidity for your company and at the same time reduce the workload on your staff.

EOS – your specialist for the sale of outstanding receivables.

  • experience in receivables management.


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    Investments in receivables and real estate in fiscal 2020/21.


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    work at EOS on behalf of 20,000 clients from all over the world.


EOS – your partner for the sale of receivables

We specialize in the evaluation, acquisition and processing of secured and unsecured receivables portfolios. We purchase secured receivables such as overdue mortgages and NPLs primarily from banks and lending institutions. In the unsecured receivables segment we purchase portfolios from companies in almost every sector.

We have 45 years of experience in receivables management and have been able to collect valuable data over this period. As a result we are capable of evaluating receivables portfolios in a reliable and transparent way based on technology. We employ the most accomplished experts who use cutting-edge data analysis tools to determine a fair value for your overdue invoices. We guarantee that your debts will be processed in a strictly professional manner.

Our clients include major corporations, internationally operating companies from all sectors, and SMEs with an annual turnover of more than EUR 5 million.

In the unsecured receivables segment we purchase portfolios from companies in almost every sector:

Sale of receivables: Businessman and businesswoman in a meeting.

How to sell us your receivables in just a few steps.

The process of selling receivables is simple. A few steps is all it takes to turn your overdue invoices into liquid resources: 

  • Baseline situation.

    Outstanding receivables that tie up valuable equity are accumulating in your company.

  • Offer receivables for sale.

    To reduce the burden on your balance sheet and improve your liquidity, you offer to sell your receivables to us. You do not sell individual receivables but combine your overdue invoices or NPLs into debt packages/portfolios.

  • Calculation.

    We calculate the fair price of your debt portfolio. Among other things this is calculated from the current value of the receivables less a risk markdown.

  • Liquidity.

    Once we have reached an agreement you can remove the receivables from your balance sheet and you get a fresh cash injection.

Why you should sell us your outstanding receivables.

  • Fast cash injection.

    Selling your receivables means an inflow of money that you had already mentally written off.

  • Focus on your core business.

    If your employees are relieved of the burden of chasing up defaulting payers they can concentrate on their core business again.

  • Greater ability to plan ahead.

    By passing on the default risk you can undertake more realistic calculations.

  • Fair prices.

    Modern technology and expertise help us to calculate a fair purchase price for your receivables portfolio.

  • For banks: compliance with regulatory constraints.

    Selling their receivables gives banks the opportunity to reduce their inventory of NPLs (non-performing loans).

Simply contact us if you’d like to sell receivables.

Whether you have general questions about the sale of receivables, want an estimate of how long the process takes, or would like us to submit an offer, simply get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to provide you with advice.

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