Benefits of selling receivables.

The relinquishment of receivables portfolios offers a lot of benefits for your company, particularly fast liquidity. But in other areas too, selling your receivables can boost your business.

What are the benefits of selling receivables for your company?

Fast liquidity.

Liquidity keeps companies solvent and capable of taking action. Every outstanding invoice ties up some of a company’s liquidity and reduces the momentum your company needs to be successful. In times of crisis in particular, it is advisable to keep your inventory of outstanding receivables to a minimum. Selling your receivables reduces the burden on your balance sheet and allows you fast access to liquid resources.                     
Focus on your core business.

Every company has its core business that it operates in, and this does not necessarily include receivables management. Modern receivables management means constantly investing in knowhow and technology, resources that your company can better deploy in its core business.

Greater planning reliability.

Whether your customers pay their invoices or not has a considerable influence on the financial situation of your company. To a certain extent you are dependent on their payment reliability and need to adjust your planning accordingly. By transferring your receivables you are selling your outstanding invoices including the default risk. This improves the ability of your company to reliably plan ahead.

Fair prices.

By selling your receivables you will get a fair price. We calculate our prices based on technology and our more than 50 years of expertise. First of all, an algorithm compares the portfolio with empirical values from the past, before our experts give the portfolio a price ticket that represents a profit for both parties.

For banks: compliance with regulatory constraints.

Banks are subject to strict regulations in relation to their NPL inventory. The simplest option for removing NPLs from their balance sheet is to sell them. This allows them to write off their accruals, improve the quality of their loan portfolio and thus increase the bank’s self rating.

Would you like to sell receivables?

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EOS – your experts for the sale of receivables.

EOS was setting benchmarks as far back as the 1980s, when it was the first provider in Germany to purchase one-off and revolving portfolios (NPLs) in Germany. As a subsidiary of Otto Group, we now operate worldwide and offer our customers an optimized process for selling their receivables. With our own call centers, a nationwide field service in Germany, and the use of AI-supported technology, we process outstanding receivables with an exceptional level of expertise.

We specialize in the evaluation and acquisition of secured and unsecured debt portfolios. With the aid of modern data analysis tools, we determine the fair value of your receivables portfolio and guarantee that it will be processed in a highly professional manner that ensures all defaulting payers are treated with respect.

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