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Innovative receivables management for lenders & fintechs

Lenders and fintechs are offering a wide range of attracting financing options and business is increasingly taking place online. Banking transactions are being done with smartphones, and the mobile demographic expects 24/7 support. Loans are sometimes issued in a completely digitized process or directly at the POS - exactly where your customers want to use the service.

Internal processes are also being made more efficient using innovative approaches, but despite the most diligent credit checks, non-performing and terminated bank loans are not uncommon.

Our strengths work to your advantage.

Your specialist for outstanding receivables.

Since 1977, EOS has been recovering receivables from terminated bank loans and leasing agreements. These include portfolios with unsecured receivables and loans secured by movable assets and real estate. EOS processes a credit volume amounting to billions of euros.

In addition, EOS provides support to lenders and lessors like automotive banks following the realization of movable and immovable assets to recover outstanding residual debt.

EOS consistently preserves the reputation of its clients and meets the regulatory requirements for lenders at all times.

You too can rely on the services of EOS.
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Sale of receivables to EOS specialists.

EOS was already setting benchmarks back in the 1980s, when it was the first provider to purchase one-off and revolving debt portfolios (NPLs) in Germany. As a specialist in this field we offer you an optimized process for receivables purchasing.
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Experienced in fiduciary collection since 1977.

For more than 40 years, EOS has been managing the fiduciary processing of terminated bank loans as an alternative to the purchase of receivables. With the help of technological tools, EOS ensures effective recovery with optimum use of communication channels and activities
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EOS guarantee rate.

Is selling your receivables not an option for you? With the EOS guarantee rate you combine the benefits of fiduciary collection with a guaranteed, immediate return of capital of the kind achievable through the sale of receivables. Benefit from this special fiduciary collection model!

EOS portals.
Digital touchpoints for you and your customers.

EOS Serviceportal für Ihre Kund*innen.

EOS Service Portal

Your customers can use the convenient payment options and live chat function with EOS.
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EOS Space - Unser Mandantenportal.

EOS Space

Our client portal provides a comprehensive range of self-service functions.
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Targeted communication with your customers.

Benefit from the personalized approach to customers that EOS offers as a specialist in receivables management, from traditional reminder letters and professional phone calls to EOS PayMail on tablets or live chat functions for smartphones.
In this context, EOS is increasingly making use of artificial intelligence and is reaching your customers exactly where they are.
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Software solution of the future.

Our plan for the future? An intelligent debt collection system that calculates the best action to take next at any point in time for each individual defaulting payer. This not only offers benefits to you and us but is also in the interests of your defaulting customers. Charges for unsuccessful measures can be reduced and therefore the debts can be paid back sooner. We have already successfully completed the first steps, so let’s work on this together. This is made possible thanks to the combination of two factors:
  1. The decades of experience of our collection agents
  2. The use of modern analytical processes
The result is a self-learning debt collection system that is already allowing EOS to automate individual dunning processes. This enables large debt portfolios to be processed to the highest standard of quality.

Other EOS strengths.

Retaining customers by recovering arrears.

EOS also helps lenders by processing secured and unsecured receivables before contracts are terminated. Our call center agents specializing in phone reminders and the EOS field services team will keep the contract with your customers intact and preserve your reputation.

Apart from recovering arrears, gathering information to help manage further processes at banks is a key component of our services.

Local services for you.

If it is not possible to restore a healthy contractual relationship with your customer, the EOS field service team is also available to secure and recover property.

Do you need more information to evaluate a situation? The EOS field service team is available nationwide to conduct inspections of property and on-site research

Cross-border receivables processing.

With the support of our international EOS companies and large network of partners, receivables can be processed across borders in 180 countries, for example if your customers have relocated abroad.

Probate research.

Deaths often result in substantial debts that are often not followed up and so are written off. To counter the write-off of receivables, there is considerable potential in tracing and approaching the heirs to deceased estates. Take advantage of our automated processes to obtain information from probate courts for further receivables processing.

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