Personal contact for win-win solutions.

Despite the benefits afforded by modern communication tools, sometimes a personal conversation is necessary for a win-win situation. This is why a large number of our debt collection services also include personal visits to your customers. Through our considerable empathy and professional negotiating skills, we can therefore make progress with the case directly on the spot. This allows you too to gain a better understanding of the financial situation of your customers, while we encourage them to settle. We know from experience that this method is much more successful than many alternatives.

It works for payment delays, bad debts and more. EOS helps you recover your receivables in a way that allows you to preserve the business relationship with your customers, because we focus on cooperation, not confrontation.

EOS Field@ccount -
the online portal for EOS clients.

Our strengths work to your advantage

Longstanding experience and sector-specific expertise in the recovery of receivables guarantee a high quality outcome

  • For decades, EOS has seen itself as the mediator between creditors and defaulting payers. Everything we do is based on respectful interaction.
  • The quality of the services provided by EOS Field Services is certified to DIN ISO 9001 by TÜV Nord

The door-knocking by EOS complements your internal dunning procedures and is undertaken independently of the debt collection process. Your customers are billed according to the German Attorney Remuneration Act.

Recovery of arrears to preserve your relationship with your customer

  • The arrears recovery process by EOS complements your internal dunning procedures. Outstanding payments disrupt the relationship between you and your customers. EOS helps you recover your receivables in a way that allows you to preserve the relationship with your customers and protect your reputation. Engaging us as soon as possible enables fast recovery of funds. The fully digital order placement procedure ensures fast and successful processing of your receivables.

  • To recover the arrears, EOS field service agents visit your customers in person. They work with your customers to find a solution for paying the existing arrears or installment that is due while preserving the relationship between you and the customer.

    • Collection of all arrears and agreed installment plans according to your stipulations
    • Good relationship with your customer restored
    • With the exception of the basic fee, the costs of the service are covered by the defaulting payers.

Local seizure on your behalf

  • Once EOS has received an order to seize items, our field service agents travel to your defaulting customers within three to ten days. If the attempt to contact your customer is initially unsuccessful, EOS will try again at different times of day.

    The seizure and subsequent transfer of items is done in consultation and agreement with you. The acquisition of the seized items will be documented by means of photos and the signature of the defaulting payer.

    • High chances of success thanks to early intervention in the case of overdue home loan installments

    • Preservation of relationship

    • Your image is protected thanks to the highly professional approach by our team of permanently employed field service agents.

The reputation of our clients, their customers and EOS itself is our most important asset. We protect this good reputation by conducting ourselves according to our corporate values. Daniel Radünz, Managing Director at EOS Field Services GmbH

Assessment of items by means of on site research

  • In the case of goods that have been financed or leased, it is important to assess the items during the term of the contract. Items that have been leased over the long term are best assessed by means of a personal visit to the lessee. Are the securities, e.g. vehicles, machinery or equipment, still available and in the agreed condition?

    Our field service professionals undertake the necessary research on your behalf. They check items and research information on the economic and social environment of your customers.

    This process is documented by means of photos and reports. If an item cannot be located, our field service agents find out where the movable asset is. Our field service agents consistently proceed in a professional and discreet manner. We prioritize your reputation and our own and safeguard it at all times.

    EOS can also conduct a property appraisal for real estate. This means that as part of the risk assessment of the exposure you always have an overview of the condition of the financed items.


    • Detailed information on the condition of the item

    • Service available throughout Germany and can be provided concurrently regardless of location

    • Allows you to focus on your core activities

    • Support with measures to satisfy the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk)

    • Discreet, professional research

Recovery of home loan arrears

  • An unexpected change in a borrower’s private circumstances can quickly result in mortgage arrears. In all likelihood, a timely visit will help repair the contractual relationship and allow your customers to comply with the original agreements. Engaging EOS to recover home loan arrears helps defaulting payers to overcome a temporary payment problem and results in a high degree of customer loyalty.

  • Experience has shown that involving a third party to help you restore a business relationship is a faster way of achieving successful solutions. The objective is to recover the entire sum overdue to prevent a termination of contract or a foreclosure as a last resort. Every action taken by EOS is based on the principle of preserving your reputation.


      1. High chances of success thanks to early intervention in the case of overdue home loan installments
      2. Preservation of your relationship with the customer
      3. Your image is protected thanks to the highly professional approach by our team of permanently employed field service agents.

Client portal provides transparency

  • All activities and research by EOS field service can be viewed by registered clients on our online portal. You can find out the daily status of your order processing and get information on payment receipts. Field@ccount is available to you online at all times. Using the messaging function, you can leave messages relating to specific orders. Orders can also be awarded online. The intuitive interface means that the portal is very easy to use. You can access EOS Field@ccount via a secure internet connection using valid log-in data. There is no charge to you for this service. Your contact person at EOS will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


    • Insight into the processing status of your orders, updated on a daily basis

    • Secure internet connection with password-protected log-in area

    • Direct award of order possible

Contact information for defaulting customers

Do you have questions about your claim?

Whether it's about payment or clarifying open questions - we are available for you by phone, e-mail or via live chat on our EOS service portal.

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