InTecrity® - digital solutions for your receivables management

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SAP® Add-Ons

SAP® is ideal for managing invoices, but it reaches its limits as soon as the last payment reminder to your defaulting payers has been written. Disputed claims, dunning and receivables management processes need to be handled outside the central SAP® system, which results in higher costs and less transparency.

The solution: our customized SAP® add-ons. 

More efficiency in receivables management

With our SAP solution InTecrity® you get an efficient, system-integrated add-on to your customer dunning process within SAP. This allows you to close your process gaps in receivables management, giving you an automated and seamless overview of all relevant customer activities.

InTecrity® can be used to complement your own dunning system as an in-house or outsourcing solution for receivables management operations. Our solution offers three modules for workflow-controlled setup and processing of cases. If required you can add other custom features to these three InTecrity® modules.

Our modules at a glance.

1. TFS (telephone receivables service)

Practical memo and follow-up functions are provided to efficiently process and clearly display information during the call. Other benefits include creating a history of all activities and the monitoring of dunning periods. This module also offers an instalment payment function and document attachment with barcode support.

2. Disputed claims

For the handling of disputed claims/complaints the module is very user-friendly and assigns them directly to the relevant departments. Greater efficiency is ensured by rules-based functions such as prioritization and deadline setting, as well as notification by email in the case of new complaints, default, deadline extensions or completed processing of the complaint. The improved efficiency in turn ensures more liquidity and greater customer satisfaction.

3. Outsourcing

This module is the seamless continuation of your standard dunning process. The rules-based provision of a shortlist of potential debt collection clients ensures complete transparency until the case is concluded. The debt collection module therefore provides an optimum overview, even in difficult cases.

Your benefits

  • Reliable guarantee.

    InTecrity® is officially certified by SAP® and is being developed and improved on an ongoing basis.

  • Real-world experience, real-world applications.

    Many customers have been using InTecrity® for years and are constantly involved in its further development.

  • Customizable.

    In InTecrity®, a lot of settings can be customized to your company’s requirements.

If you are interested in our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sounds good? Please contact us if you’d like us to pass on our expertise, tailored to your company’s internal requirements, analyze your processes and advise you on process optimization and system adaptation.

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