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Professional telephone service for fast payments.

Dialog is the key.

A well organized telephone service is an important component of both standard dunning processes and subsequent debt collection procedures. It results in faster receipt of payments and the preservation of valuable customer relationships. Our services focus on interpersonal dialog.
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We are well-versed in many communication channels.

If written reminders do not result in the desired outcomes, we are happy to also undertake telephone collection for your company. Our trained personnel will reach out to your customers, on behalf of EOS or in your name. The integration of phone reminders into the overall debt recovery process offers a decisive added value, because a direct personal approach to your customers is often more effective than traditional written correspondence.
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Dunning by telephone.

With empathy, sound argumentation and experience, our staff build a relationship of trust with your customers. If you start this as early as the dunning process, it not only minimizes your debt collection cases but also accelerates the entire payment process and improves your company’s cash flow.

Demonstrating the necessary tact but also resolve, our specialists contact your defaulting customers. During the call they take an individual approach to their interlocutor and try to find out why the agreed payment has not been made so far. By taking this approach they not only obtain information about your customers’ liquidity but also identify disputed receivables before extra-judicial debt recovery is ordered. In this context EOS consistently acts in such a way as to preserve the customer relationship.

Telephone collection as key element.

Our experience has shown that in many cases direct phone contact with defaulting payers is more effective than the traditional written correspondence. This is why phone reminders are an integral part of our debt collection service. Our specialists are trained to quickly reach payment agreements and resolve any misunderstandings. In the process they create an atmosphere of trust that encourages their interlocutor to continue to do business with you in the future. 

EOS – your partner for telephone services in receivables management.

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Trained personnel.

Our personnel are specially trained in correctly interpreting the arguments of your defaulting customers and reacting accordingly.
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Modern debt collection software.

Through the use of modern debt collection software, payment agreements made on the phone can be captured in a central location and followed up as part of the automated receivables processing system.
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Decades of expertise.

As one of the leading receivables management companies worldwide we know what makes your defaulting customers tick and what kind of tone we need to adopt to find a satisfactory solution for all parties.

How you benefit from professional telephone services:

  • Faster processing
  • Faster payment agreements and receipts
  • Elimination of misunderstandings
  • Preservation of valuable customer relationships
  • Debt collection cases kept to a minimum
  • Reduced dunning and debt collection costs

If you are interested in our services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you need help with receivables management then look no further. Contact us for a personal consultation. Our experts will find the best solution for your company.
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