EOS offers different services like receivables mangement to save your money and time. We combine our expertise in debt collection with technology.

We collect your debts and keep your customers.

We create win-win-solutions.

We understand your customers and your business. And always come up with tailored solutions that suit both sides. For the right solution we combine the expertise of our debt collection experts with technology, brains with bytes and emotional intelligence with AI. In Germany, we invested EUR 90 million in smart financial services, so we know your customers better than anyone. And to serve you better than anyone. But the best thing about our technology: it helps our people help other people better. Because in the end we're still in a people business. Well, whatever business need you've got – you can count on us: we'll save you money and time.

We're happy to help.

Receivables management.

  • End-to-End with happy end.

    Non-payment of receivables is costly: both in terms of cash flow but also resource. We specialize in an end-to-end process. Our main priority is to secure faster payments: But we ensure that the reputation of the customer is protected as far as possible whilst the relationship with the customer is damaged as little possible.

    This means acting with courtesy and discretion but also with speed. We aim for repayment plans that are doable for the customer and acceptable to you. Our technology is state of the art, including automated reminder systems. But besides all this, we mainly rely on personal contact: live chat with debt collection experts and direct, result-orientated phone calls from expert operators are supplemented 24/7 by the EOS portals. We also customise postal reminders and – usually as a last resort – personal visits.

    State-of-the-art technology and personal contact are not always enough to realise all your outstanding claims. But we have a solution here too: Should one of your customers get into difficulties and have to file for bankruptcy, our experts take care of the transaction. In addition, we also monitor titled claims - for up to 30 years.

    We have broad client base across all industry sectors and all sizes of organisations, from SMEs to groups. They entrust their debt collection to us, freeing up resources.

    Businesses that serve private individuals (B2C) should choose our business-to-consumer debt collection service. Those who serve other businesses (B2B) should choose business-to-business collection. If you have international customers, choose international debt recovery.

  • Get your cash – leave the risk to us.

    Hopefully, debt is not your business: but it is ours. We buy your receivables and take on the risk of non-payment for a fair price. This frees up resources on your side and removes the burden of default risk. Simply compile a portfolio of your non-performing-loans (NPL) and we will make you an offer. We buy overdue and defaulted debts as well as the associated rights and obligations. But we don’t just stop there: we ensure that your reputational risk is kept to a minimum by coming to fair and mutually beneficial settlements with your customers.

  • Face-to-face contact for win-win solutions.

    For all the benefits of modern communication, sometimes a win-win solution requires face-to-face contact. Many of our debt-collection services include personal visits to customers, where we can use empathy and professional negotiation skills to move cases forward. You get a better understanding of the debtor’s financial situation, and we can motivate them to pay. Our experience shows that this method is far more profitable than the alternatives.

    We can apply this method to all types of debts: late payments, written-off claims and more. Not only is it more effective: by treating your customers with respect, they are more likely to continue doing business with you.

    More information

  • We work across borders, without borders.

    Different languages, legal systems and customs: that’s what makes international debt collection challenging. We make it easy for you. EOS works across borders, without borders.

    We can help you in two ways: with our Cross-Border Solution or our Shared-Service Solution.

    Cross-Border Solution

    • Presence of EOS representative in your home country
    • Highest security, legal and ethical standards
    • Low risk – no success, no fee
    • Your EOS representative understands your language and your needs
    • EOS acts with integrity, tact and professionalism as it is understood in each locality
    • Partners in over 180 countries

    Shared-Service Solution

    • Get your money fast – process moves quickly with integrated IT systems
    • Direct, transparent and real-time communication
    • Group-wide harmonisation of processes
    • Binding SLA
    • Skip tracing and first letter with legitimation within 24 hours
    • First phone call within 10 days
    • We take charge of debt collection, making full use of our local expertise

    Our IT platform EOS Global Collection optimizes global workflows by regulating automated case transmit between partners around the world. The platform ensures direct, transparent and real-time communication in 180 countries over the world.


  • Let your SAP® profit from our expertise.

    Our SAP® expertise is your gain.

    SAP® is ideal for managing invoices. However, SAP® reaches its limits as soon as the last payment reminder is written to your defaulting payer. Complaints as well as dunning and receivables management processes must be carried out outside the central SAP® system. This results in higher costs and less transparency. The solution: our tailor-made SAP® add-ons.

    The Inkasso-Link® module outsourcing recommends cases that are better outsourced and sends them directly to us upon your approval. Our TFS (Telephone Receivables Service) module integrates your calls with the debtors into your SAP® transaction. You can seamlessly record and process complaints in SAP® with our complaint module. No matter which option you choose, your processes will become more efficient and transparent. In addition, you keep track of everything thanks to detailed records.

    Further information about our SAP® technologies can be found in our SAP Inkasso-Link® fact-sheet.

    And best of all: Tailored to your company’s internal needs, we pass our know-how on to you and your employees. We analyse your processes and advise you on process optimisation and system customisation. Sound good? Get in touch with us.


Special Services.

  • Let us do the work for you.

    Managing arrears is a time-consuming affair. Our arrears management service lets you focus valuable resources on your core business. We optimize your processes more efficiently and economically by taking over your invoicing and payment reminders. But your customers will never even know we are there. Sounds good? Get in touch with us or find more on our Arrears Management fact sheet (in German only).

  • Effective Credit Management with the "Deutscher Debitoren DMonitor"

    Effective credit management with the "Deutscher Debitoren Monitor"

    The "Deutscher Debitoren Monitor", DDMonitor for short, uses the most comprehensive data sources in Germany to identify potential solvency problems in your B2B customer portfolio.

    It is a fully automated early warning system that provides important information in the event of problems. In addition to the official register information, DDMonitor also recognises changes in the payment behaviour of B2B customers. Current payment experiences on new and existing customers support you with your credit decisions in order to minimise long-term payment defaults.

    In addition, DDMonitor gives you a credit rating index that informs you about customers with financial risks. The ongoing updating of the data pool keeps you up to date. Have we piqued your interest? Further information is available on our special product website or in the fact-sheet (in german only).

  • Call for cash.

    A telephone payment reminder aims to encourage the debtor to settle their debts quickly, or to reach an agreement that takes account of their circumstances while allowing them to fulfil their obligations - and all this on your behalf.

    Our professional telephone operators achieve this balance with an assertive yet empathetic approach and expert negotiation skills. In most cases, we reach an agreement that suits both.

    Sounds good? For more information please see our fact-sheet (in German only) or contact us.


  • Roadmap to the highest ROI.

    Perhaps you are buying a property as an investment, accepting one as collateral on a loan, or selling to release liquidity. In all cases, maximising yield and reducing risk requires a precise valuation and the optimum strategy.

    Our interdisciplinary teams of architects, structural engineers, real estate specialists and more visit the site and produce a valuation report. So no matter how far away you are, you can gain important insights into various market scenarios and a forecast of the best sale price and time required to maximise the return.

    The report includes images of the property and draws in market reports and information on comparable properties, giving a clear picture of its condition and value. The report takes into account any fiscal, legal and structural constraints on the property’s use that may affect its value.

  • Enter into dialogue with your target group.

    Anyone who wants to win new customers is all the more successful, the more precisely he formulates the advertising message specifically for his target group and the more qualified the addresses he uses are.
    Well-maintained addresses are the nuts and bolts of distance selling. Only if the customer gets the message, communication will be possible.

    List broking services from EOS.

    Companies experienced in dialogue marketing use list broking services, leasing the address portfolios of other advertisers via intermediaries (list brokers), as an essential component in the acquisition of new customers. As experts for target group marketing, we help you to find responsive target group lists from Otto (GmbH & Co KG). This optimizes the ratio of reactions - for example, orders - to the total number of advertising materials sent, such as catalogs.

    Target groups of OTTO.

    The approximately 16 million OTTO customers are interesting in every respect. They are familiar with the distance selling, love the shopping from home and are more than average interested in current offers and new products. As an advertising company, you benefit from well-maintained addresses in large numbers, which are constantly updated and can be accurately selected to suit your target group. For example, OTTO’s special catalogs offer a large variety of customer groups from various areas of fashion as well as furnishing, technology and more.

    Safe and exclusively in accordance with the law.

    Of course, the letting of the addresses takes place exclusively in accordance with the law and examination and approval by OTTO. Rely on two experienced partners: List owner Otto (GmbH & Co KG) and its subsidiary EOS, the experienced marketer.

    Advantages of list broking.

    • Efficiently acquire new customers exclusively in accordance with the law.
    • Boost your response rate, set budgets accurately an increase turnover.
    • Take advantage of cross and upselling potential. The dialogue marketing experts of EOS provide you with professional advice about your target groups.

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