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Efficient receivables management for telecommunications providers

High-performance smartphones, wearables, smart fashion and centrally controlled home entertainment systems: Digital transformation is progressing at an increasingly faster pace. And as the range of offers increases, so too do customer expectations of their providers. But what happens if the customer doesn't pay the bill for the services rendered?

Why not make life easier for yourself by engaging EOS? We recover your receivables on your behalf and make sure you receive your payments.

Your specialist for outstanding receivables.

EOS supports you with effective receivables management. For more than 20 years, EOS has not just been supporting the development of the telecommunications market but also acquired additional expertise in the sector when it purchased the debt collection arm of Deutsche Telekom AG in 2013.

EOS handles the recovery of your outstanding receivables from current or terminated landline, cell phone or internet contracts, regardless of whether the claims are against natural or legal persons.

Through its individualized approaches and cooperative solutions, EOS achieves highly successful outcomes while preserving both your reputation and your relationship with your customer.
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Sale of receivables to EOS.

For more than 30 years, EOS has been buying distressed debt portfolios. Benefit from immediate liquidity and focus on your core business again.
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Fiduciary debt collection.

It is especially important to EOS to treat your customers respectfully. By being friendly but resolute, our qualified EOS experts achieve fair and cooperative solutions for a successful payment and the preservation of your relationship with your customer.
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EOS guarantee rate.

With the EOS guarantee rate you combine the benefits of fiduciary collection with a guaranteed, immediate return of capital from the sale of your receivables. Contact us now for advice.

EOS portals.
Digital touchpoints for you and your customers.

EOS Serviceportal für Ihre Kund*innen.

EOS Service Portal

Your customers can use the convenient payment options and live chat function with EOS.
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EOS Space - Unser Mandantenportal.

EOS Space

Our client portal provides a comprehensive range of self-service functions.
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Illustration of different communication channels such as mail or telephone.

Targeted communication with your customers.

For EOS, effective communication takes center-stage. A personalized approach to your customers is necessary to restore a healthy business relationship. We choose the most effective means of communication for the particular case and customer using all channels available, from traditional methods like letters and phone calls to digital communication via SMS, email and live chat or visits by our field service agents. EOS is available 24/7 via the central EOS Service Portal to defaulting customers. Customers can contact EOS via live chat or settle their outstanding debts within 90 seconds using various online payment methods. In addition, EOS is constantly investing in the development of new communication channels, for example the integration of language services.
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Software solution of the future.

Thanks to a combination of modern analytical methods, automated process control and the longstanding experience of our EOS collection specialists, even large receivables portfolios can be handled to the highest standard of quality. To constantly improve this system, EOS continues to embrace technological tools and is developing a self-learning debt collection system. With the help of cutting-edge machine learning processes, forecasts are produced on the future behavior of customers and the best steps to take next are calculated to ensure optimum use of communication channels and activities.

This not only benefits you and EOS but is also in the interests of your customers, as fees can be reduced and receivables settled sooner, for debt relief that is both transparent and fair.

Reap the benefits of working with EOS.

EOS supports your collection process, ensures that you receive your payments and reduces the load on your internal resources management. We use transparent and legally sound processes from the moment we take over the data to the final billing.

Are you interested in other services? EOS can help you with your internal risk management and CRM, for example through standard reporting, taking over reporting processes or providing an individual backward interface. Contact us for advice. 

Your personal points of contact.