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Receivables secured by real estate.
EOS Immobilienworkout GmbH.

Debt collection for receivables secured by real estate.

Real estate financing is one of the key sources of revenue for credit institutions. However, an increasing number of non-performing loans are posing huge challenges to many banks, building societies, savings banks and insurance companies, as handling problem loans does not form part of the core business for most institutions. They frequently lack specialized departments and appropriate software. The costs of processing these doubtful debts then increase.

Experts at EOS Real Estate Workout support you with a range of services regarding the processing of receivables secured by real estate. With processing on a fiduciary basis, you remain the owner of the debt. Our specialists work with the debtor to develop a realistic strategy to avoid enforcement measures and enable a cooperative solution. If the debtor is not interested in a joint solution, EOS Real Estate Workout experts conduct an analysis for the recovery of the secured property. They develop a strategy which, for example, may involve the forced sale, forced administration or sale of the property.

Alternatively, we offer to purchase your receivables packages secured by real estate. Prior to the purchase, EOS Real Estate Workout values each individual property within a receivables package. This enables us to calculate a fair offer for your portfolio. We always aim for a realistic repatriation of liquid assets within the options available to the debtor. With this cooperative approach, we ensure that your reputation with the debtor is maintained even after the sale of the receivables.

The processing and management of active loans (performing loans) for our customers represents an expansion of our services. Banks or investors move away from current real estate finance because it is no longer in line with their current business strategy. Together with a subsidiary company, EOS Real Estate Workout takes over the processing of this current real estate finance, whilst always respecting the contractual terms agreed between the bank and the borrower.

Another service offered by EOS Real Estate Workout with another subsidiary company is the acquisition of real estate with the capacity for restructuring. This involves acquiring real estate with a high vacancy rate and/or short-term leases. Following acquisition, the EOS Real Estate Workout subsidiary implements leasing concepts, arranges rates, completes the documentation regarding the real estate and places the stabilized real estate back on the market.  

The professional solutions of EOS Real Estate Workout and its subsidiaries for handling receivables secured by real estate and properties enable you to save time and personnel resources for your core business. Lending institutions also increase their liquidity inflow and improve their equity structure.

The team.

Jakob Spitzer

Portrait von Jakob Spitzer, , Managing Director・EOS Immobilienworkout GmbH

About EOS Immobilienworkout GmbH.

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Certified since 2010 under ISO 9001:2015 for the fiduciary collection of receivables secured by real estate, purchase of loans secured by real estate, purchase of receivables based on terminated loans and on loans secured by real estate, writing of market value Reports
  • EOS Immobilienworkout GmbH

    Aktienstraße 53
    45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr
    Mülheim an Ruhr Germany
    Phone: +49 208 88255 0
    Fax: +49 208 88255 222

    Commercial register HRB 22798 at Duisburg Local Court
    Tax no.: 27/24/00402
    VAT ID No.: DE187487428

    Management: Jakob Spitzer and Jörg Schweda

    Registered debt collection company according to § 10 para. 1 sentence 1 RDG

    Registration authority: Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court, Cecilienallee 3, 40474 Düsseldorf
    Registered in the legal services register: File number 3712 E - 6.44

    Notice pursuant to Section 36 of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act:
    All EOS companies do not participate in alternative dispute resolution procedures. There is no legal obligation to do so.

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EOS Immobilienworkout GmbH

Aktienstraße 53

45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr


Phone: +49 208 88255 0

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