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The mobility sector needs effective receivables management

Digitalization and networking are making great strides and passenger expectations are changing. Mobile devices are facilitating the simple purchase of tickets at any time. Information like departure times and alternative connections with e.g. car or bike sharing options is available in real time. And the choice of suitable payment method is a given. 

Regardless of whether conventional passenger transport or new mobility services are involved, receivables from unpaid season tickets, unpaid fines for not having a valid ticket etc., or for pay-by-the-minute services, do leave financial gaps. Closing these gaps involves a lot of work and costs money. So make life easier for yourself and engage EOS to do it for you. We’ll look after your receivables management.

Your specialist for outstanding receivables.

Our experience is what makes us professionals. Even when it comes to the smallest amounts. We understand that one of the keys to success is finding out an address quickly. This applies to recovering public transport-related fines and season ticket debts. Therefore, EOS does not just rely on its own data pool, but also uses other data pools with very high-quality address data. 

You too can reap the rewards of our expertise by engaging EOS to handle your receivables management. Our common goal is to improve your liquidity through fast payment and protect your relationship with your customers.
EOS Dienstleistungen - Geschäftsmann und Geschäftsfrau lächeln in die Kamera.

Immediate cash inflow thanks to sale of receivables.

For more than 30 years, EOS has been buying receivables portfolios of varying composition. The evaluation and calculation of the purchase price is free of charge for you. Transfer your financial risk to EOS.
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Transparency in the fiduciary collection process.

As the owner of the receivables, you pull the strings. EOS offers you effective ongoing processing of your outstanding receivables. Even after decades, EOS achieves recovery of funds.
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The best of both worlds: EOS guarantee rate.

With the EOS guarantee rate you combine the benefits of fiduciary collection with a guaranteed, immediate return of capital from the sale of receivables.
Illustration of different communication channels such as mail or telephone.

Targeted communication with your customers.

Apart from the service portal, EOS also communicates by letter, phone, email or face-to-face contact. All of this is done with a view to approaching the defaulting customers using whichever method has the most chance of success. This is made possible thanks to the combination of two factors: The decades of experience of our collection agents and the use of modern analytical processes. The result is a self-learning debt collection system that is already allowing EOS to automate individual dunning processes. This enables large debt portfolios to be processed in the highest quality.

EOS portals.
Digital touchpoints for you and your customers.

EOS Serviceportal für Ihre Kund*innen.

EOS Service Portal

Your customers can use the convenient payment options and live chat function with EOS.
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EOS Space - Unser Mandantenportal.

EOS Space

Our client portal provides a comprehensive range of self-service functions.
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Software solution of the future.

Our plan for the future? An intelligent debt collection system that calculates the best next action to take at any point in time for each individual defaulting customer. This not only offers benefits to you and us but is also in the interests of your defaulting customers. Charges for unsuccessful measures can be reduced and therefore the debts can be paid back sooner. We have already successfully completed the first steps, so let’s work on this together.

Want to know more?

Anto Zubak and Timo Seelmann, who are our specialists in this sector, are happy to answer your questions about digital debt collection. Benefit from the longstanding experience and broad portfolio of EOS.

Your personal points of contact.