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Innovative receivables management for energy

The consumer environment is fast, transparent and digital, and energy utilities are also undergoing rapid upheavals. Customer service is available 24/7 in customer portals or via apps, while insight into consumer information happens in real time. Customers can choose and execute online payment methods and instant payment options with just a click. And of course, billing is also direct and digital.

In conjunction with its receivables management, EOS is also responding to growing consumer demands by implementing innovative measures. For example, by offering modern communication tools like EOS PayMail or the EOS Service Portal, where defaulting customers can settle their debts at any time using the payment method of their choice or contact EOS using a live chat function. Yet even the traditional reminder letter is still achieving successful outcomes, depending on the specific consumers concerned.

Our strengths work to your advantage.

Your specialist for outstanding receivables.

Since 1999, following the deregulation of the electricity market, EOS has been supporting energy utilities with their B2C and B2B operations by providing customized, automated solutions for receivables management.

EOS knows the most effective method for approaching defaulting customers and working with them to find a fair solution. Benefit from the professionalism and caliber of the debt collection specialist so you can concentrate on your core business again.
EOS Dienstleistungen - Geschäftsmann und Geschäftsfrau lächeln in die Kamera.

Sale of receivables to EOS.

Numerous energy utilities sell outstanding final bill receivables portfolios to EOS. You too can take advantage of the clear benefits:
  • Reduced workload for internal receivables department
  • Fast recovery of funds
  • Positive impact on balance sheet
  • Financial risk transfers to a debt collection specialist
No charge for calculation of purchase price.
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Fiduciary debt collection.

For fiduciary collection EOS deploys the optimum mix of communication methods and manages the process using digital and in-person measures. These include:
  • written reminder letters,
  • professional phone reminders in our five own call centers across Germany,
  • the use of digital communication methods plus
  • home visits to your customers.
With all measures used for debt recovery the protection of your reputation has top priority.
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EOS portals.
Digital touchpoints for you and your customers.

EOS Serviceportal für Ihre Kund*innen.

EOS Service Portal

Your customers can use the convenient payment options and live chat function with EOS.
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EOS Space - Unser Mandantenportal.

EOS Space

Comprehensive self-service functions are available to you in our client portal.
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Illustration of different communication channels such as mail or telephone.

Targeted communication with your customers.

Apart from the Service Portal, EOS also communicates by letter, phone, email or face-to-face contact. All of this is done with a view to approaching the defaulting customers wherever they are.
EOS is increasingly relying on artificial intelligence and reaches your customers exactly where it is most promising.
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Software solution of the future.

Our plan for the future? An intelligent debt collection system that calculates the best next action to take at any point in time for each individual defaulting customer. This not only offers benefits to you and us but is also in the interests of your defaulting customers. The charges for unsuccessful measures can be reduced and therefore the debts can be paid back sooner. We have already successfully completed the first steps, so let’s work on this together. This is made possible thanks to the combination of two factors:
  1. The decades of experience of our collection agents
  2. The use of modern analytical processes
The result is a self-learning debt collection system that is already allowing EOS to automate individual dunning processes. This enables large debt portfolios to be processed in the highest quality.

Suitable solutions for your receivables.

Cross-border debt recovery also possible

With the support of our EOS subsidiaries all around the world and an international network of partners EOS can also help you with cross-border collections, for example in the event of defaulting customers who have moved abroad.

More power for your receivables management

Regardless of whether you are a municipal utility or energy group, a local default supplier or national provider, EOS can process your unenforceable and enforceable receivables.

Your personal points of contact.

Andreas Behmenburg, Regional Sales Manager bei EOS Deutschland GmbH

Andreas Behmenburg
Head of Sales


Anto Zubak, Key Account Manager der EOS Deutschland GmbH

Anto Zubak
Senior Key Account Manager

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