New record achieved.

The Eastern Europe region closed 2018/19 with all-time highs. Revenues and investments in Debt purchases have risen. Secured portfolio purchases in particular are becoming more and more important.

The EOS financial year 2018/19 in Eastern Europe.

Debt purchases and productivity.

The reasons for this outstanding development differ for the various countries. In Russia, we were able to step up revenue by significantly increasing our productivity. In contrast, in Hungary and Poland, we chalked up a substantial growth in revenue from debt purchases. We once again expanded our investment volume in non-performing loan portfolios. Especially in Poland and Croatia, but also in Russia and Slovakia, we considerably exceeded the level from the previous year. 

In addition we were able to step up our investments in secured receivables. We have greatly expanded the necessary structures and have thus far established them in nine countries. We continue to see excellent growth opportunities in this segment and therefore plan on extending secured NPL purchases to all the EOS countries in Eastern Europe. In doing so, we will profit from the international EOS network. We already have a lot of know-how and experience in assessing and processing of secured receivables in numerous countries. We will use this to form international expert teams to tap into new markets.

In Eastern Europe, revenue and earnings before tax were higher than ever before.
Marwin Ramcke, Member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors responsible for the Eastern European region
Infografik zum Umsatz und Ertrag der EOS Gruppe im Geschäftsjahr 2018/19.

Eastern Europe: New sales record and investments expanded.

The Eastern European region has reached a new record level: At EUR 203.2 million, revenue in 2018/19 exceeded the previous year’s figure by more than 10 percent. 

In addition, EOS was again able to step up investments in the region. At EUR 141.5 million, the investment in unsecured NPLs surpassed previous year’s exposure by EUR 32.5 million. Furthermore, EOS invested EUR 97.1 million in secured portfolios and real estate, a good EUR 39 million more than in 2017/18. 

EOS Annual Report 2018/19