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EOS debt collection: friendly but firm assistance to get customer payments back on track and improve your cash flow

Put your trust in the experience of EOS’s debt collection experts

Do you need expert assistance collecting debts from consumers? You are increasingly faced with the task of dealing with your customer’s cash flow problems and outstanding receivables. This creates a double burden for you, as unpaid receivables tie up your cash flow and your staff’s time.

Our debt collection experts at EOS Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst (German Debt Collection Service) have many years of experience and can offer you tailored solutions for all aspects of debt collection from consumers.

A call centre specialized in processing receivables (EOS Serviceline) and a nationwide team of permanent field staff (EOS Field Services) will get your cash flow going. Modern IT systems and debt collection software enable us to integrate our services into your procedures, adapted to your company’s particular requirements. Our fast and automated processing methods create a real added value for you, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

In consultation with you, we select elements from our modular debt collection service package and put together a solution perfectly suited to your needs. 

EOS’s debt collection concept

Flexible: we customize the structure of our debt collection concepts to your particular requirements. We offer you a range of methods, such as telephone, e-mail, text message or letter services, as well as on-site debt collection.

Tailored: EOS can put together a bespoke concept for your company, which meets the objectives defined in consultation with you.

Modular: naturally, you also have the option of selecting individual components from our comprehensive service package.

EOS aims to collect your company’s receivables in their entirety. It is more effective to reach mutual agreements with your debtors than to take legal action against them. In the case of heavily indebted households or companies, a successful outcome generally requires co-operation from both sides.

Expertise gained from experience: as part of the EOS system Fidibus, we develop individual dunning processes for you based on an automated procedure optimized over many years. The EOS data pool comprises a large collection of comparative data on customer groups, demographics and payment behaviour to enable us to find a quick and suitable solution for your problem. 

Intensive, individual support: EOS's customer support guarantees that you will always have a fixed contact partner. This continuity allows us to account for the specific circumstances of each situation, to solve problems effectively and seize opportunities quickly.

The principles of EOS debt collection

  • No use of counterproductive force: permanent and direct contact with the debtor ensures a constant inflow of funds.
  • Showing sensitivity, flexibility and patience when dealing with the debtor is the key to success.
  • EOS’s staff possesses a high level of personal and specialist skills and receives frequent training, enabling them to address debtors in a suitable and professional manner.

The advantages of EOS debt collection

  • You maintain your financial flexibility
  • You gain long-term security
  • You are relieved of the administrative and monitoring tasks of receivables management
  • You are able to focus on the entrepreneurial activity of your core business
  • You maintain valuable customer relationships

Whether by phone or on site: pre-litigation, litigation and post-litigation debt collection by EOS

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