Efficient invoicing and reminder system: collectAI and EOS start collaborating on receivables management

Hamburg, Germany, 29.8.2019 – The fintech collectAI and debt collection company EOS Deutschland are pooling their expertise and as of now will be working more closely together.

The purpose of the collaboration is to be able to offer companies an integrated solution that combines digital and consumer-centric services in receivables management. From e-invoices via a digital billing system through the commercial dunning process to applying for enforcement procedures, the cooperation between the two Otto Group companies will leverage synergies along the entire receivables collection chain.

As a technology company, collectAI offers automated and digital receivables management upstream of the debt collection process. In the process, the Hamburg-based fintech makes systematic use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The collectAI software comprises modular solutions for digital invoicing and smart dunning procedures such as white label payment gateways and payment links. If receivables are still unpaid following the commercial dunning procedure, EOS can then take over the collection process. Drawing on its decades of experience in the market and using cutting-edge technology and automated dunning processes, the debt collection specialist works with the defaulting consumer to try to find a fair solution. In this context, EOS approaches the non-payers individually and in a targeted fashion across all communication channels.

“Our AI-based software achieves much higher realization rates than the analog process. Despite this, some invoices continue to remain unpaid, making a collection process necessary. Because our systems are integrated, we can conveniently pass on the outstanding receivables to EOS via an interface. This is how we achieve the best results for our customers by working together,” says Thomas von Hake, Managing Director of collectAI, about the process involved.

The prestigious debt collection company EOS uses ultra-modern technology. “Both companies have embraced the digital mindset, and this is what drives us,” says Jürgen Borgartz, Managing Director of EOS Deutschland. “And this is how we create added value for all participants.”

About collectAI
collectAI is a software platform for intelligent receivables management with digital, AI-based payment services. It offers modular or integrated options for digital payment, smart reminders and white-label payment pages. The smart technology flexibly optimizes the goals of higher realization rates, cost reduction and customer loyalty and combines digital communication channels with a variety of payment methods for a smooth process. Thus, collectAI fundamentally improves the customer experience and places the needs of the end users at the center of the service. Founded in 2016, collectAI is part of Germany’s largest e-commerce retailer, the Otto Group.

For more information please visit: www.collect.ai

About EOS Deutschland 
EOS Deutschland, which has its head office in Hamburg, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. The EOS Group has been providing receivables management services for more than 40 years. With its more than 60 subsidiaries and affiliates it is represented in over 25 countries. 
In both the fiduciary collection and receivables purchasing segments, EOS takes tailored measures and leverages the synergies from its decades of experience in receivables management and the use of cutting-edge technology. 

Companies from a wide range of sectors, including banks and insurance companies, e-commerce retailers, energy utilities and public bodies, rely on the experience of the debt collection specialists at EOS Deutschland.

For more information please go to: www.eos-deutschland.de