EOS polled 3,400 companies about their receivables management and the payment practices of their customers.

Since 2007, EOS has been commissioning an annual survey on payment practices in Europe. The key topics this year were: artificial intelligence, digital payment methods, on-time payment by private and business customers in Europe, trends in receivables management and the status quo of the digitalization process in European companies. In the coming weeks you can read in-depth articles about these topics on this page. Keep-up-to-date with our Info-Radar.

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Facts about the survey

  • Where? In 17 countries: Denmark, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Russia and Greece.

  • How? In the period January to March 2019 3,400 phone interviews (CATI) were conducted by market research institute KANTAR.

  • Who? Decision-makers in the receivables management segment were interviewed. Their companies had the following characteristics:

    • ø sales of EUR 28 million
    • ø workforce 183 employees

Artificial Intelligence

EOS survey on artificial intelligence: Financial executives fear for their jobs

Skepticism about artificial intelligence in receivables management

Artificial intelligence (AI) – a controversial issue in the financial sector as well. Among other topics, this year’s “European Payment Practices” survey looks at the use of AI in receivables management and shows that there is widespread skepticism towards artificial intelligence. So how do we deal with these doubts?

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Digitization in need of improvement: According to the EOS survey, European companies have some catching up to do

Digitalization – an ongoing process: European companies need to catch up!

Half of the Europeans polled find that their own companies are not digitalized enough compared with others. What is the reason for this and how important is digitalization for companies?

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Trends in receivables management

Data protection and cyber security: the EOS survey shows that in matters of cyber defense many companies are still not taking action

Trends in receivables management – playing it safe!

Cyber security and data protection are becoming increasingly more crucial in the era of Digitalization 4.0. How are companies handling the growing security needs and how do you protect yourself from hacker attacks?

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Digital payment methods

Digital payment methods: EOS survey on cashless payment

Digital payment methods: large European companies are lagging behind

The trend to shop online is growing. According to the Statista Digital Market Outlook, the number of digital commerce users in Europe will increase to 642 million by 2023. Despite this development, only 27% of German companies offer their customers digital payment methods.

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Payment Practices

Europeans are paying more punctually – but for how much longer? Business owners are skeptical about the future

According to the EOS Survey, payment practices in Germany have improved, with 86% of all invoices being settled on time. Despite this, German companies think that the situation is going to get worse in the next two years. Where does this skepticism come from?

You’ll find related articles and expert opinions on these topics in our magazine

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